November, 3-6, 2021

We are pleased to present Academy 2021 Boston, in a safe, socially-distanced environment at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

The Exhibit Hall is Calling Your Name! Check out the teaser video below of what you can expect!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did Academy 2020 Nashville decide to transition to virtual event?
A: The Academy Board of Directors made the difficult decision to reimagine Academy 2020 Nashville to now be 100% virtual.  The reimagination of Academy 2020 Nashville was necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic that has made it inadvisable to hold the traditional in-person meeting.

Q: Why did it take until August to make a decision to move to a virtual’ meeting?
A: After much angst and discussion over the past several months, the city of Nashville, Music City Center, and the contracted hotels agreed to dismiss our financial liabilities. The Academy needed to complete our due diligence to minimize any financial impacts.

Q: Why should I attend Academy 2020 At Home?
A: You do not have to travel and can access the meeting wherever you are from the comfort and safety of home! While we value the in-person connections that take place at our annual meeting, you will still be able to network, learn, and engage with your industry peers during our virtual meeting. We are working on multiple networking opportunities and promotional sessions for our Industry Partners.

Q: Will we receive a refund for my contracted annual meeting sponsorship activities?
A: If you have purchased a sponsorship opportunity for Academy, there will be opportunities to reallocate your investment, in part or in full, to other sponsorship opportunities including those within Academy 2020 At Home. Such opportunities will be made available over the coming weeks.

Alternatively, refunds will be granted upon request for promotions or sponsorships for Academy 2020 on-site opportunities and branding that cannot been delivered. We kindly ask, however, that you first consider newly available opportunities within Academy 2020 At Home. The Academy team will be contacting each sponsor to discuss newly available opportunities and options, including refunds as necessary. Please contact Betty Taylor at bettyt@aaoptom.org for additional information.  

Q: As a current Academy exhibitor, will my company be automatically part of Academy 2020 At Home?
A: If you are already registered as an exhibitor and you want to participate in Academy 2020 At Home, you do not need to do anything. Just let us let us know by communicating your preference on the financial considerations form. New and engaging participation opportunities are being developed specifically for the virtual meeting experience, including virtual exhibit booths, education, sponsorship and networking opportunities. The Academy staff will be reaching out soon to seek your input into what will make the experience most valuable to your organization as we develop this platform. In the coming weeks, we will work with your company to select the best exhibit and sponsorship opportunities that meet your specific goals.

Q: What does an exhibit booth cost at Academy 2020 At Home?
A: Costs details will be coming soon. These interactive booth areas will allow you to upload content, videos, press releases, product demonstrations, and more! Networking opportunities within your space will include chat and direct messaging!

Q: Are new virtual booths available? How can I reserve a booth?
A: Yes! In this new high-traffic environment, many additional companies are considering reserving a booth. Please contact Adrienne Wilhoite-Camacho at AdrienneW@aaoptom.org for more information.

Q: Will my company still be able to launch new products and services at Academy 2020 At Home?
A: Yes! We understand the important role that the Academy’s annual meeting plays in showcasing innovation and connecting companies and decision makers. We have created a virtual event technology platform that will provide companies the opportunity to highlight new products and increase their exposure to purchasers beyond the physical limits of being in Nashville. Additionally, the Academy is launching a new program designed to keep our Industry Partners connected with our members year-round! More, exciting news to follow!

Q: We have some ideas about a unique sponsorship, who can I speak to?
A: We would love to hear your ideas!  Please contact Betty Taylor at bettyt@aaoptom.org.

Q: How will booth leads be tracked?
A: Exhibitors and sponsors will have access to a variety of data and metrics about use of the site. Lead management details in the virtual platform will be available soon.

Q: Are there set hours?
A: We are exploring the best times of the day to attract various target customers in different locations, and what content would be most appealing.

Q: How do I register my booth personnel?
A: Each exhibiting company will receive a link and registration instructions in mid-August.

Q: Will participation in Academy 2020 At Home still earn my priority points for Academy 2021 Boston?
A: Yes!

Q: Will there be online tech support?
A: Yes!

Q: What vendor participation opportunities will be available for Academy 2020 At Home?
A: A full menu of sponsorship opportunities will be available for consideration in mid-August.

Q: How will Academy 2020 At Home drive traffic to the site?
A: Academy 2020 At Home will be hosting live, streaming content, and special events on the site. We will also host online incentives, networking events, and much more for over two full weeks!

Q: Do I need to cancel my hotel reservation or housing block request?
A: All hotel reservations made under the Academy’s official hotel block will be canceled automatically without penalty. Deposits were not processed by Orchid, our Housing Partner. The credit card provided at the time of booking was for a guarantee only. You do not need to contact the hotel directly.

Q: When will Academy 2021 Boston in-person meeting be held?
A: The Academy 2021 Boston in-person meeting is still scheduled to take place on November 3-6, 2021 at the Boston Convention & Exhibitor Center. Complete details regarding the 2021 space selection process will be shared later this year.


The only official attendee registration lists will be provided directly from the Academy as one of the exhibitor benefits of Academy 2020 At Home. If you are targeted by outside companies, they are fake data lists and not the actual Academy 2020 At Home lists. Please do not purchase or provide any payment information for this fraudulent information.