Merton C. Flom Leadership Insight© Program

The Merton C. Flom Leadership InSight© Program is designed to help build leadership skills and realize your full potential.

This year, the Academy is pleased to launch a completely revamped leadership program: Know Yourself: Foundations for Effective Leadership. The first course in this series, which is also a stand-alone course, will be offered as a live introductory course at Academy 2021 Boston.

Following, the series continues throughout the year as an interactive training program.

Continuing throughout 2022, the leadership program will offer eight learning modules focusing on: 

  1. Principles of Effective Leadership I
  2. Principles of Effective Leadership II 
  3. Embracing Diversity in Leadership
  4. Effective Communication in Leadership 
  5. Leader’s Guide to Productive Meetings
  6. Public Speaking for Leaders
  7. Writing Skills for Leaders 
  8. Mentorship: Present and Future Leaders

These modules will feature both independent and live virtual activities organized and presented by luminaries within the field of optometry. Live virtual sessions will be held every four to six weeks.

Completion of the course will be recognized during a special celebration at Academy 2022 San Diego during our Centennial Celebration. 

Application materials and pricing will be released in early summer.